Penguin Luck
by Kay Mupetson

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I'm Kay Mupetson, author of Penguin Luck.

About the Author
Kay Mupetson graduated from NYU Law School and has been practicing corporate law for over twenty-five years. She served as general counsel for a New York telecommunications company and previously worked as a journalist reporting on the Middle East. She currently lives in Manhattan with her husband and sons.

About my latest book, Penguin Luck

In the novel Penguin Luck, Doreen Lowe is a young, sophisticated junior associate in a small Manhattan law firm that primarily serves the lower echelons of society. Regularly visited by three ghosts, Doreen is forced to listen to their pleas that she "carry on for them"- after the Holocaust- all while balancing the demands of her career and personal life.

After Doreen marries a banker with an entrepreneurial spirit, he achieves his dream of establishing a telecommunications company. Within a few years, Doreen is serving as the company's legal counsel while simultaneously raising a son, but is still being tormented by her spirits. As the young couple rides out the tech boom of the late 1990s, Doreen must reconcile her unorthodox personal choices with her widowed father, her friends, and her large conscience.

Penguin Luck is a compelling tale about one woman's emotional journey as she learns to cope with a burdensome family history, a trio of determined ghosts, and the power of luck.